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A history of Gagatrading's presence at hemp fairs.

Expogrow Fair, Irun, 2015 

 Gagatrading participated in the Expogrow Fair in Irun, Basque Country, Spain, in September 2015. We managed to get our first product, the hemp plastic joint tube, finished just in time for the fair. Pit designed and made the stand interior, and of course, we participated in the competion for best product award, with our granulates and cones. We were awarded with the 'Best Industrial Hemp Product', our efforst to get all finished in time, we only started the hemp plastic project a few months earlier, so it was rushing and stressing all the way. Not only did we win the award, we were also asked to make the plastic drinking cups and the tokens for refreshments and food with our materials for the 2016 Expogrow.

All in all a very rewarding result, we won an award and we have put hemp plastic in the picture and in he growing hemp products market.

Cannafest Fair, Prague, 2015

In November 2015 we participated in the 6th edition of the Cannafest Fair in the beautiful city of Prague, Czech Republic.

We made some interesting contacts about our hemp plastic materials, it was a great experience all together, our products were well received by both public and business entrepreneurs. It resulted in getting to work together with several more companies in plastic-production and -injection.