NewWhat we have in the pipeline....

By offering a wide range of products, aimed at various target groups, we try to get our materials into every corner of society. 

So far, we have made products for coffeeshops and other cannabis-related companies, to replace the plastic they are/were using in their day to day business. 

We developed a 3D hempfilament, which works good and is gaining interest worldwide. Our new filament, Hemplyne brand, is underway for final printing tests, if they prove to be successful, we will order our rolls of 1000 and 500 grams. Our filament will be a bit more flexible than the current one, and it will be cheaper too. 
We made a biodegradable entry in the remarkable world of 3D printing. 

The mold to produce guitarpicks or plectrums is being made at this moment, we tried to come up with another solution for production, but injection mold production came up as most economical. We will be producing 3 thicknesses, with a hemp leaf on it as a grip. By this little product, we might get into the music industry, they can pick Hemplyne now.... 

The short history of hemp plastic began in 1998, when Paul Benhaim had hemp plastic frisbee's made, they have become collectors items by now. Paul's frisbee is made with plastic mixed with hemp fibers, not biodegradable, but it has been the inspiration for my partner Pit and myself to one day make hemp plastic products. Not only did we succeed in that, our hemp plastic is 100 % biodegradable, non toxic and durable in use. 

We will now come out with a Hemplyne frisbee, the first biodegradable flying hemp object. They could be flying around within weeks, we work together with a company with the mould for the frisbee, they have the materials in by now. 

A company in New Zealand wants our granulates to try and make kayaks with it, we will send them 3 different granulates for the tests, and hope the succeed! There is one more project in the pipeline, but I can not disclose anything about that, we will come out with it when the product is ready to market. It is a product that will make a difference, a positive difference, by replacing a generally used plastic product. 

Hemplyne is on the move, and that has been noticed by now, I spend my days answering emails, requests for prices and samples and taking in the first orders. We have only just begun, our granulates production is up to a huge demand, the only thing left to do is create this demand, by showing off what can be made with our materials. Our goal is to get Hemplyne products into every household in the world, in every car boat and toolshed, by replacing everything made of plastic by Hemplyne based products. 

Back to work now.

Nol van Schaik CEO Hemplyne 

Hemp plastics in the funeral industry.

On demand of a company in the funeral industry, we made them a sample of a Hemplyne urn, fully biodegradable. Besides the urns, we have also had a request for coffins with our materials. Our materials do not emit CO2 when burned, and in the soil they will decompose completely.

Hemp plastics, the bio, logical alternative for oil based plastics!

What if I tell you there is a way to manufacture the majority of products we use in every day's life with a reduced carbon (CO2) footprint, by using renewable and biodegradable materials, and can be easily replace plastics with our current methods? Meet Hemplyne, a composite material made up of hemp fibre polymers, coupled with other bio based fibre additives.

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Hemplyne, hemp based composites, fully biodegradable, fit for existing injection moulds.

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Gagatrading is a company based on the experience of cannabusiness veteran Nol van Schaik and the expertise of Pit Demmer, the creator of biodegradable hemp plastic composites. 

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Our Mission

Gagatrading, on a mission to eliminate oil­based plastics and replace it by hemp plastics.

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Making the most out of hemp. It'll blow your mind.

Our hemp plastic division is named Cannaparts, with Pit Demmer in charge of research and development, besides making sure our materials and products maintain the highest possible quality and, he is available for companies to offer solutions and advice with and for their products and machinery.

Oh yeah, it's that good.
See for yourself.

We started out to make hemp plastic products for the cannabis industry, to show the world we can make the change from polluting plastics to environmental friendly materials in this sector.

And lastly, this one.
Now it's up to you to make a change.

From now on, we will be looking out to make products for other industries, in order to rid more companies and businesses from dirty plastics. Our environment needs a change like this!