Gagatrading, on a mission to eliminate oil­based plastics and replace it by hemp plastics.

Hemplyne Granulate

When we started out with our first product, the greencone, a hempplastic cone or tube to safe or carry (cannabis) joints, our motivation was to rid the streets of the ditched plastic cones I saw all over Amsterdam’s streets. The cones are mostly crushed into sharves, and are very contaminating, for the environment in general, and for the streetview of a city allowing cannabis consumption.

As a coffeeshop entrepreneur I never used the oil­based plastic cones, for reasons mentioned above, and it does not create a positive view on coffeeshops and their visitors as well!

By leaving a trail of trash, cones, baggies, etc. our visitors are actually making coffeeshops look like sources of pollution, and that is bad for the image of the shops, and the cannabis­ culture in general.

Now, we give our customers a hemp plastic cone with their joints, if they choose to have one, and the remarkable thing is, they do not dispose of them! Of course, our cones do not have eternal life as a product, and once they are disposed of, they will completely degrade into compost in 18 months.

We hope many of our colleagues are willing to pay a few cents more for our products, and make the change to biodegradable greencones, for the sake of our environment, and to improve our image.

Since we won first price on the Expogrow in Irun, Spain, September 2015, with our greencones and our hemp plastic granulate, we have been busy developing more products with our materials.

We currently offer a range of 8 products made of hemp plastics, some of them produced by Gagatrading, some in cooperation with companies already working with existing injection moulds.

Besides producing, we have been researching more composites based on hemp, to be able to suit the demands of more producers, we have a flexible material, a rigid material and everything in between.

Our biggest challenge this year will be the production of a shopping cart of our plastics, in a huge factory in Spain, which has huge moulds for their range of shopping carts and baskets.

The owner and director of the company will allow us to test our materials in his moulds, that is, we start with trying to make the smallest basket first, and then eventually move on to the big 150 liter contents carts.


Just to let you know, our plastic can stand rain and bad weather, they do not decompose in only water and air, it also takes micro-­organisms to do so.

We hope to be able to set up the first factory for the production of biodegradable hemp composites soon, in a EU country, so we have control over the process from fibre to product. Now, we still work with several companies to get our materials composed the way we need, by setting up our own production plant, we will have all our production processes in one building.

We would love to be able to make a hemp plastic yellow submarine, but we keep it real, if we are able to make the shopping carts, we will be as happy as can be, it will make our presentation on trade fairs so much more noticeable, and the presence of hemp in modern day products and production as well.

We will keep you informed about any progress we may make.

The Gagatrading Hempsters.